Joan Wynes studied art at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, where she earned her BFA, BS and MA degrees. Her focus was in Art History and Painting. Through history, Wynes gained an appreciation for the disciplines of art; through which, led her to embrace painting as her main focus of study. The studio, coupled with paintbrush and palate knife, seduced Wynes, so much so, that her life transformed from student to the accomplished artist she is today.


After many moons and winters, Wynes moved to the Bahamas. She spent years exploring the islands, while working in film production. After time for reflection, Wynes picked up her paintbrush to reacquaint with her muse. Currently, her work is showcased at Lizzards Art Gallery and Framing in Duluth, Minnesota and can been seen at Studio J, in Nassau, where she resides with her husband, Billy.


Wynes’ work hangs throughout the United States, as well as the islands of the Bahamas.